Lock down your mouse and keyboard with the USB Bunker

In this age of laptops and tablets and smartphones, there's a good chance a lot of folks wouldn't know where to stick something like NZXT's USB Bunker. Ten years ago, though, I would have loved something like this when I went to a LAN party where I didn't know everyone.

The Bunker is made to protect your gear. If you paid a lot for your mouse or keyboard, swiping them won't be as easy as unplugging them: with the Bunker, you can lock up up to four devices, whether it's your mouse, keyboard, headphones or even that USB microwave you know everyone's got their eyes on. It's perfect for anyone who still keeps the dream of PC gaming alive at LAN parties and tournaments, or for, y'know, the generally paranoid.

The Bunker will sell for $25 when it comes out in March, and of course you'll need an expansion slot free on your computer tower. (Please tell me you all still know what that means — this post is starting to make me feel old.)


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