LG Optimus 2X smokes iPhone 4 in browser speed test

Dual-core processors in mobile devices are starting to pop up everywhere. And why not? It's like a magic bean that speeds everything up. In this video, LG's Optimus 2X (aka Star) shows of what a second core can do in edging out the speedy iPhone 4.

Just like how we saw a video of the BlackBerry PlayBook breezing past the iPad in a browser test, LG's Optimus 2X does the same — on the smartphone front. We're happy to say, we love the fierce competition that other electronics companies are pushing onto Apple.

Slashgear is quick to note that despite the video's indication that the iPhone 4 gets chewed out by the Optimus 2X, various caching methods or what type of wireless connections (looks like Wi-Fi) the smartphones were running on could have affected the outcome.

Does it really matter? It's expected that newer and faster technology is going to debut every few months. Isn't the most alluring aspect of all of this that the consumer will win big time? More options breed better gadgets, and at DVICE, we're always looking for bigger, better, faster.

Android Community, via Slashgear

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