LED smiles are lighting up Japan

In the wonderful world of body modification, it's surprising that more people aren't doing things with LEDs. These LED smiles won't demand the same commitment from you as a body mod, but they'll draw just as many looks as your teeth flash different colors.

Created by Japanese designers Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, the LED smiles can actually thank some inventive graffiti for coming about. The pair was inspired by "LED throwies," or bundles of LED lights attached to a magnet. The goal is simple: you toss them up at any ferromagnetic surface and you've added a little color and light to an area.

Apparently the light-up mouths were featured in a fashion advertisement in Japan and now they're starting to take off as an accessory. It looks like if you want one you have to make your own, though it wouldn't be too unreasonable to imagine a consumer version coming out for some cash. With the materials involved, it probably wouldn't be too expensive, either.

Check down below for a throng of school girls showing off their LED smiles.

LED Smiles DIY (Japanese), via NYTimes

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