Lady Gaga and Polaroid flaunt photo-takin' OLED sunglass mash-up

Gaga fans may recall that a couple of years back, the queen of strange donned a pair of glasses with iPod screens in the place of lenses. Well, today Gaga unveiled the Polarez, a Gaga-fied pair of glasses with a built in camera and two screens that will make you look even more ridiculous at your next party.

The Polarez has two 1.4-inch OLED screens and a built-in camera. As soon as users take pics with the camera (hidden in the nose bridge), they can display them instantly on the OLED screens. The outer "tinted-shades" part can even be removed for super-retro goodness. The Polarez looks a lot like the sunglasses that U2's Bono usually wears, but with two screens.

So how does the Polarez feel over the eyes? Polaroid didn't let any of the press touch the glasses, but from what we're told, the glasses fit right over the eyes and will allow wearers to see above or below the glasses. Not sure how comfortable the glasses would be if you're forced to look above or below the OLED screens, but we're pretty sure Polaroid wouldn't release the Polarez if it wasn't functional. But what do we know? People will buy Lady Gaga toilet paper if she sold official ones.

Lady Gaga didn't announce a price, but a Polaroid exhibitionist did say that the company is shooting to release the Polarez in the Spring, possibly as late as May. While the glasses do look somewhat cool and is definitely a product that isn't typical, we're not looking forward to seeing more of her "little monsters" roaming in the clubs, looking even more stupid than they usually do.

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