Lady Gaga rejuvenates Polaroid instant cam with neo-retro design

When the world heard that Polaroid was ending the instant camera business, photographers and even neophytes mourned the loss of a classic camera and hobby. Polaroid then revived instant film with the ugly Polaroid 300, a rebrand of an already plastic-licious FujiFilm Instax Mini 7.

Lady Gaga hopped onboard as Polaroid's new creative director and the result wasn't only a bizarre pair of camera sunglasses, but also the Grey Label GL30 Instant Digital Camera.

The GL30 instant camera hearkens back to the glory days of Polaroid, in terms of aesthetic, but also brings instant film cameras into the digital age. The camera features a large swivel-screen (we estimate it's at least 3.5 to 4-inches) that when flipped up reveals buttons for zooming, macro-mode, flash, etc.

While the camera is called an instant camera, it's not using instant film (so no watching your photo magically develop before your eyes). Instead, the GL30 actually uses Zero Ink to print digital photos onto glossy paper. Sadly, if the GL30 prints pics with the same quality as the GL10 standalone Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer, the results will be grainy (we tested the GL10 too, but the pic is too embarrassing to post).

For the first time since ages ago, we can honestly say that Polaroid at least has a good looking camera on its hands. The GL30's shape is reminiscent of old-school Polaroid cameras, with its sides looking almost a bit accordion-inspired. What appears to be a leather hand-strap, tops the camera's metal body off, giving it a very sturdy appearance. Any owner of an Olympus E-P1 (myself included) can attest to the rugged feel of using metal on a camera.

Polaroid has yet to provide any additional info related to pricing and availability, but the company did allude that it should be out later this year. If the price is right, it's almost a given that Gaga's new Polaroid will be a smash hit amongst fans and photo enthusiasts.

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