Kraft's food kiosk picks your dinner for you using your face

File this under "absurdly weird and strange." Let loose and give your brain a rest for once. Kraft and Intel are teaming up to bring a vending machine kiosk that makes the food buying decision for you.

Kraft's Vice President of Retail Experience, Donald King says that the average shopper, "has a paltry 10 recipes in his or her average meal-time rotation: spaghetti, pizza, hamburgers, chicken, etc." The point of the partnership with Intel is supposedly to help answer the "what's for dinner?" dilemma.

The Kraft kiosk is equipped with an Anonymous Video Analytics camera that can zoom in and out on a buyer's face, to quickly determine gender and age group. Using that information, the kiosk then makes a guess on what the buyer might be hungry for. Sounds like a dream come true if you're the sloth type.

We're a bit skeptic to this entire automated food deciding machine. While it might force people to eat healthier, what about accounting for mood? Will Kraft's kiosk be able to determine that I'm craving macaroni and cheese at three in the morning?

Fast Company, via Red Ferret

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