K-pop video confirms 3D rumors for LG G-Slate, sort of

These days if you want a scoop on the latest tech news, you need to look in some pretty unlikely places. Last week we reported on a rumor that LG's upcoming G-Slate would have a 3D screen, and now it appears that a short glimpse of the tablet in a Korean K-pop video confirms the rumor.

The initial speculation was based on a comment from a French LG spokesperson, but he also said the tablet only had one rear camera, whereas dual cameras would be needed for 3D.

If you can sit through this brand new video for What I Can Do by K-pop star Seungri, you'll see that the G-Slate shown actually has a short bar with two lenses. If you're not a big fan of Korean club music, you can zip ahead to 48 seconds for the sighting. Okay, so it's not exactly definitive proof of a 3D camera, but it kind of refutes what the French rep said.

3D will certainly set the G-Slate apart in a crowded field trying to capitalize on the success of the iPad, but the jury's still out on how well the 3D works without the glasses.

Via Electronista

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