Japanese disaster housing leaves me begging for a catastrophe

The only way I'll ever get to move into one of these sweet little disaster houses is if my crappy apartment gets destroyed by some unstoppable force of nature. Luckily, I live in California, so it's only a matter of time.

The EDV-01 is a largely self-contained housing unit about the size of a shipping container that can be rapidly transported and deployed in disaster areas so that people have somewhere nice to live. It expands upward in five minutes to form a second floor with most of the infrastructure on the bottom, and looks to be pretty nice inside, with beds, an electric kitchen, a shower, a microbial toilet and a satellite phone. Power comes from solar panels on the roof plus a hydrogen fuel cell, and there's even a system to extract drinkable water from the air.

The video might be all future concepty, but these are actually getting produced in Japan, and I really really want one. C'mon earthquake, let's make this happen!

EDV-01, via Gizmodo

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