Is the LG G-Slate's edge a glasses-free 3D screen and 3D video recording?

What does a tablet a need have these days in order to differentiate itself from the competition? Add a barometer inside? LG's upcoming G-Slate could one up the tablet world with a glasses-free 3D screen and 3D video recording.

If a French LG spokesman's claim is correct, then the 8.9-inch Android 3.0-powered tablet could be the first major tablet to try to sell you on the third-dimension. An auto-stereoscopic display and 3D video recording would certainly generate interest, especially with the Nintendo 3DS domino-effect that is sure to come.

There are skeptics though. Tech blog, Electronista, points out that unlike the Nintendo 3DS, which has two cameras on the rear, the G-Slate is reported to only have one. Two cameras are required to take a 3D picture, let alone 3D video.

Take of this what you will, but don't be surprised if LG and T-Mobile have this 3D trick up their sleeves at the cellphone exhibition, Mobile World Congress next month.

GPSAndCo, via Electronista

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