iPhone alarm bug causes lots of oversleeping in 2011 (Update!)

So far, iPhone alarms around the world have failed to wake people up for the first three days of 2011. Apple claimed that the bug only effected the first two days of the year, but the bug appeared to still be causing issues today. Maybe Apple's tech fixers overslept?

Apple's stop-gap solution is to set recurring alarms rather than one-time, which should override the bug. But that won't help people who rely on the alarm on their phone and don't check Apple's support pages every day for things like this. One thing is clear: now that we're back to the first work week of 2011, Apple needs to fix this, and fast.

UPDATE: Looks like there's a quick fix for the alarm bug. Turns out if you delete your current alarms and remake them, everything should work just fine. We tried it ourselves and got it going (though I guess we won't really know until we have to rely on the damn thing to wake us up tomorrow). Does it work for you?

Reuters via PC Mag

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