iPhone 4 case offers sushi fans a portable pacifier

Now that the reports of needing a case to make calls on your iPhone 4 have largely died down, the new pastime of the smartphone's fans is finding unique ways to wrap the device, and one Japanese designer has delivered the most edibly creative solution we've seen yet.

The cases were designed to look like tiny morsels of sushi with all the trimmings, and the effect is impressive. Lest anyone think this is one of Japan's cheaper tech tricks, the fact is that crafting replicas of food has actually become something of a high art in the country, thus it's no surprise that the case is so realistic. Sushi fans, and those needing a food totem to mentally assist in keeping that new years diet resolution, can pick up one of the cases (they come in shrimp, sea urchin and salmon) for about $48 here.

Via Strapya

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