Inventor claims his salt water-powered motorbike could stop global warming

Can a motorbike be only powered by salt water? Japanese inventor, Masahide Ichikawa says he's invented a motorbike that isn't powered by gasoline or electricity, but by salt water.

According the Japan Probe and Asahi TV, Ichikawa's invented a motorbike that is powered by sodium metal. By using a solar-powered heater attached to the bike, salt water is evaporated into sodium metal and then mixed with some more water. The result of the chemical reaction is fuel that drives the motorbike.

Japan Probe didn't go into specifics such as how fast the motorbike can reach or how long the sodium fuel lasts, but by golly, this is a breakthrough.

If Ichikawa's salt water-powered motorbike is what it claims to be, then it really could save our planet. Imagine how much less polluted our streets would be. I could totally see this taking off in South East Asia, where motorbikes are more commonly used. Ichikawa's motorbike wouldn't just be green, but it's fuel would be cheap too.

Via Japan Probe

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