iConvert scanner digitizes your old film negatives with one button press

There's just something nostalgic about old film negatives piled up in a dusty old box. Printing them all out is costly. With iConvert, all your old film negatives and slides can be converted to digital files for Facebook or Flickr tagging.

There isn't much know-how required to digitize your old film negatives and slides with the iConvert. Prep your slide by wiping it down of any dust, pop it in the tray and press the clearly marked OK/SCAN button. It couldn't be easier.

iConvert can scan pictures at a high 1800 DPI resolution and save them all to an SD card. A nifty little screen even lets you see your converted negatives instantly. The iConvert is available at Brookstone for only $100. It's an inexpensive gift that makes those film negatives a tiny bit more valuable.

Brookstone, via i4u

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