HydroCar adds some space fighter to amphibious vehicles

It's pretty hard to make a car that's also a boat that doesn't embody the worst aspects of both vehicles, but the HydroCar pulls it off in bright yellow spades. And it's for sale.

When you spend eight years and over 18,000 hours custom building a car that's also a boat, you're probably entitled to expect this level of awesomeness from it. At the flick of a switch, the Dobberton HydroCar transforms from a weird looking road legal vehicle to a tunnel-hulled speedboat, as twin sponsons extend out from the body, a propeller drops down, and the wheels disappear.

Like most flying cars, the HydroCar is basically a compromise between two uses that are almost entirely at odds with each other, and it would be more accurately called a drivable boat. It's 22 feet long and eight feet wide without its sponsons extended, so good luck weaving through traffic or finding a parking space. To help you out a bit, the HydroCar does have dual axle steering that allows it to drive sideways, and if the sight of this thing in someone's rear-view mirror isn't enough to get them to move out of your way, it's also equipped with an air horn taken from a locomotive.

While the HydroCar's engine produces a massive 800 horsepower, so far that hasn't quite been enough to get the craft to hydroplane on top of the water, which is the only way it's going to make it to its estimated top aquatic speed of 60 miles per hour. It shouldn't be hard to get everything to work properly with some minor tweaks to the weight distribution and propeller, but as the designers say, the craft is a work in progress.

At a buy it now price of $777,000 (or best offer), the HydroCar doesn't come cheap, but just think of how much money you'll save by not having to go buy a big yellow car and a big yellow boat. Don't miss the gallery of big yellow pictures of this thing, plus some video of the features in action, below.

eBay, via Jalopnik

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