HTC beats iPhone to the punch with buttonless smartphone

Did HTC just beat the iPhone to going buttonless on the face of its smartphone? A few leaked shots of what appear to be a Droid Incredible successor show just that. Is the future of smartphones going to be buttonless?

It's been rumored that the iPhone may lose its home button in the iPhone 5 or eventually down the road, so it's not surprising to see that other phone makers are thinking on the same page. HTC's unannounced smartphone shown above has a Droid Incredible-like rugged back, twin LED flashes and will have the HTC Sense UI. Oh and it has Verizon branding, so you know where it's headed to. There aren't any further concrete details, but everything should make more sense at next month's cellphone bonanza, the Mobile World Conference.

So what do you think, are physical buttons on smartphones dead? Personally, I wouldn't mind losing the home button on the iPhone and the standard home, menu, back, search buttons on Android-powered smartphones. I'm all for eshewing them for bigger screens, but that's just me.

Mobile01,via Geeky Gadgets and Engadget

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