'History of Gaming' peeks a little into the future, too

A group of students in Munich have tossed together an "almost single shot" video that's just as much a history of gaming as it is a love letter. What interests us most, though, is what happens once the students catch up to the present day — what's the future of gaming going to look like?

Student Florian Smolka and his compatriots in the game design program took a popular direction: virtual reality. All the player needs to do is don a pair of glasses, and all of a sudden the entire world is a game waiting to be played. While we're not quite there yet (though you could argue cell phone geo-tagging "games" are blazing a trail for the tech), motion controllers and the Kinect are definitely taking us in a new direction.

Me? I'll just stick with my controller, personally.

You can find a whole list of the games and systems that appear in the video right here.

Florian Smolka, via LikeCool

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