Guy uses a $300 laser to pop popcorn, one kernel at a time

Remember the lightsaber-shaped Arctic Spyder III laser that can blind and set fire to a person's skin? It's back, and one guy isn't using it to slice Luke Skywalker's hand off, but rather as the world's slickest popcorn popper.

That's right, YouTube user, "WorldScott" used a $300 laser to pop popcorn. The entire process takes about a minute to pop one popcorn kernel. What's the point of this then? Nothing more than to demonstrate that the Spyder III is strong enough to pop popcorn.

Using a Spyder III might not be the most practical way to get a movie-night going (it would take up to five hours just to get 300 pieces of popcorn!), but damn, it's cool.

The downside is obviously the waiting time to get a full bowl of popcorn, but the upside is that anyone who's amazed by a potato exploding in a microwave (honestly, who isn't?) will have a blast just watching the Spyder III in action, that is, if their eyes don't go blind.

Via YouTube - WorldScott

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