Duke Nukem Forever coming May 3, hell freezes over and blows up

Duke Nukem Forever had an initial release date of of sometime in 1998. You remember the nineties, right? No? Me neither. What I do remember is this game winning vaporware awards every year for something like nine consecutive years. Once again, it's got a slick new trailer plus a release date, but this time, they're really really really serious about it.

So why the heck should we believe whoever's turn it is to claim that Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to be available on May 3rd? Well, last year a playable demo was on display at PAX, so the timing does kinda seem about right for a commercial release. Since the date has been confirmed by both the president of Gearbox Software and the president of 2K Games, I think at the very least, some degree of cautious optimism is probably in order.

As for the game itself, here's what you can expect, according to an unbiased source:


If this sounds good to you, you definitely won't want to miss the brand spankin' new game trailer below, especially since (in typical Duke Nukem style) it's not safe for work.

Duke Nukem, via GameInformer

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