Disabled man's wheelchair banned on streets because apparently it's a tank

It was only a matter of time before those crazy tank wheelchairs would get banned from streets for being, well, too tank-like in appearance. That's what happened to Jimm Starr, a disabled landscape gardener who just wanted to use his wheelchair tank to enjoy the great outdoors with his family.

Starr was recently informed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA) that his $24,000 wheelchair tank is not suitable because of its exposed treads. Starr had checked with the DLVA to make sure his tank chair would be street legal — it was; but has since learned that he can only use it on private property. Good lot that'll do, if all the fun stuff happens outside of his backyard.

Poor dude! He just wanted to be able to go to the beach to build sand castles, make snowmen in the snow and all the other great things fathers are supposed to do with their kids. Not like the man was going to go on a squirrel rampage or anything.

I say let the man have his tank wheelchair, as long as he has a license for it.

The Mercury, via Gizmodo

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