D-Link's wireless repeater knows where your Wi-Fi gadgets are

Wireless routers probably waste 99% of their energy broadcasting their signal where your computers aren't, which is why most routers have crappy range. D-Link is introducing a new wireless repeater that doesn't just boost signals, it targets them directly at your wireless antennae for maximum distance and reliability.

D-Link's DAP-1525 Wi-Fi Booster is a mostly featureless black object with a bunch of blinky blue lights on it, a theme that seems to be quite common at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Plug the booster in somewhere just in range of your router, and the DAP-1525 will pick up the signal and blast it out again fresh, extending your network into the wild blue yonder.

The boster isn't just transmitting wantonly, though: using what D-Link is calling "SmartBeam Technology," it actually zeros in on the wireless devices that it's talking to and uses one of six directional antennas to focus the signal exactly where it needs to go. Since the product is still being tested and tweaked, D-Link won't say just how much of a difference this makes beyond 'significant,' but it seems like a pretty good idea to me. Look for the DAP-1525 this spring for a rather spendy $140.

In addition to the repeater, D-Link also plans on coming out with a couple routers that implement this SmartBeam stuff, but not until the middle of next year at the earliest.

Via D-Link

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