Classrooms of the future should all have Touch TVs

Why do chalkboards still even exist in classrooms? With today's amazing touchscreen surfaces, the dusty chalkboard is practically a relic. No chalkboard can compare to LG's Touch TV, an interactive multitouch 60-inch plasma that lets anyone add their own layer of content on top of the TV's.

LG's Touch TV requires a touch pen and can support up to two at the same time. Standard multitouch features such as pinch to zoom in and out worked smoothly without lag. An LG rep also showed off a demo using two touch pens manipulating Google Earth, turning a 2D satellite map into a 3D polygonal one. Seeing an entire city mapped out in 3D on a large plasma felt like a scene from a movie with an FBI command center.

Perhaps, the most interesting aspect about the Touch TV is that you can draw directly onto any content. In our hands-on, we doodled on top of videos and pictures. We were then able to move those media files with our scribbles anywhere on the Touch TV.

Imagine a classroom with a manipulable map pulled up on the Touch TV that lets you draw the path Christopher Columbus took to America, while playing a video re-enactment of him meeting with the Native Americans, followed by Skyping a teacher in Spain for additional information. The door is officially open to multitask-learning.

Educators are always talking about how to innovate in classrooms to engage students — the Touch TV is the perfect example of how to do that. Just like the way the iPad is revolutionizing classrooms with its friendly touchscreen, the Touch TV has the potential to disrupt traditional classrooms and make going up to the front of the class something fun, rather than something that's humiliating.

LG's gunning for a March to April release of the Touch TV in Korea and August to September everywhere else. A price has yet to be announced, but we'd reckon these things will be pricey as hell. Hopefully, education institutions will be able to get subsidies for these TVs.

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