Charatter bear regurgitates annoying tweets back at you, LOL

With an an infinite number of people to follow on Twitter, it can become a bit of a chore to manage all the incoming tweets. That's where the Charatter toy bear comes in — it syncs to your Twitter account and reads all incoming tweets — out loud. How's that for annoying?

WiZ, the company behind the Japanese Charatter toy says sales of the Twitter assistant are exploding. With a simple app for your iPhone or PC, tweets are translated into sound and then sent to the Charatter bear that reads it all back at you. We hope this thing has a spam filter, because we really don't want to hear what people are LOL-ing and ROFLCOPTER-ing about.

Although the Charatter is supposed to only read tweets back in Japanese, The Wall Street Journal found out that it can actually read English just fine, although sometimes with a few errors.

It's Friday, so come on, admit it — this little bear with its moving lips is too cute to pass up. Selling for about $28, we wonder how many incoming tweets it can handle. Would 100 tweets in five minutes overload the Charatter and make its head explode? That would be a sight!

Wall Street Journal, via Gizmodiva

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