Casio's new camera shows off its shape-shifting tricks

Casio has taken digital camera form factor to its inevitable "why didn't we think of this" conclusion with the Tryx. It's a digital camera that pops out of a frame, enabling it to swivel 360-degrees in both portrait and landscape mode and every way in between. This two-way swivel actually means a multitude of positions and angles, freeing the casual snapper from just pointing and shooting.

The lens and flash are part of the frame, which means you can hold the thing by the frame or by the 3-inch LCD piece. You can set it up on a table in an "A" shape for self-portraits, hold it over your head, down low (not, I insist, for up-skirt) — practically any angle or position you can think of.

Spec-wise, it shoots 12 MP stills through a CMOS chip, 1080i H.264 HD video, uses an SD card for storage, will come in black or white, and will go on sale in April for $250.

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