Can you name these 20 geeky things that happened online in 2010?

If you're the type of person who wastes spends hours online everyday just looking at stuff educating yourself, then all of that time spent could finally pay off. Illustrator McBess has created this cool drawing that shows 20 things that happened online in 2010, and he wants to know if you can figure them all out.

After several minutes of staring I could only name a few, but then I never waste my time looking at irrelevant stuff online (cough, cough). Remember, McBess is based in Britain, so some of the 20 could have been bigger deals in the UK than in the US.

Alas, this is not a competition, and the only prize on offer is bragging rights among your geeky friends for your profound knowledge of Internet memes. There are however a few posters of the drawing going to Sysygy's Twitter followers.

Click the lower picture for a larger version.

Zyzygy, via Gizmodo

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