Buying a Nintendo 3DS? Better keep that charger on you

Back in October, we found out that the Nintendo 3DS's battery was going to be crappy. The exact amount of hours that the next Nintendo handheld would suck up was uncertain. Nintendo officially unveiled the numbers and it's not looking good.

According to Nintendo at a Nintendo World conference held in Tokyo last week, the Nintendo 3DS's battery will last a mere three to five hours on one full charge — and that's on the lowest brightness setting. In comparison, the Nintendo DS Lite could last nearly 19 hours on the lowest brightness setting.

For a Nintendo handheld, it's shocking to see such low battery life. As we suggested previously, the 3D effect most certainly sucks up a ton of battery life, not to mention the sheer processing power of the device.

Now, hear me out. Official battery figures are always fluffed to appear longer than they really are, so actual use time tends to be lower. I carry my DS Lite with me whenever I travel and I've never gotten 19 hours, more like 12-15 hours. If official figures are three to five hours, then I wouldn't expect real-time usage to be more than three and a half hours.

The 3DS battery life news is dismal to say the least — that's why Nintendo is including a charging cradle with every 3DS — to make sure you charge frequently. I suspect that third-party battery pack boosters will go to town with this news bit.

Via Pocketgamer

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