Brace yourselves, Nvidia wants blisteringly fast quad-core tablets by 2012

Tablets such as the Motorola Xoom are just beginning to get dual-core processors. A leaked Nvidia slide shows that quad-core processors could be out as early as next year. Ready to quadruple your mobile computing abilities?

Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform is finally making its way into many products, but that doesn't mean Nvidia is sitting still. It's Tegra 3 mobile processor will purportedly have a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, which is twice as fast as the Tegra 2.

If the leaked road-map is true, silky smooth Blu-Ray decoding and the driving of monitors with high-resolutions could be on the horizon. What always interests us the most is how developers will utilize the extra raw processing power. Multitasking and more open apps are the expected benefits of more cores, but what else? What about battery life in tablets with these blistering fast chips?

BSN, via Electronista

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