Black pyramid art installation delivers power for 250 homes

Some people believe pyramids have mysterious powers, but those beliefs could become real if this solar pyramid array in Abu Dhabi ever gets built.

Lunar Cubit is the winning entry in Land Art Generator Initiative, a contest in the UAE for designing beautiful green energy installations.

With one central pyramid surrounded by eight smaller versions representing the eight phases of the moon, the Lunar Cubit pyramids light up in various combinations to indicate the current moon phase. There's also some kind of tie in to the Islamic calendar and even Einstein, but that gets a bit to deep for me. The deep black color comes from the solar panels covering each surface, and which can deliver enough power for up to 250 homes.

While Lunar Cubit is just a concept, the UAE has a strong track record for building some pretty crazy stuff, so there is always a chance that it might actually get built.

Lunar Cubit, via Fast Code Design

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