Award-winning concept phone can turn into a tablet or game display

The Line Phone is a concept phone that hails from China and won the gold award at the 2010 Furong Cup "Digital Product and Service Design Competition." Well, it deserved to win the gold. The phone is so adaptive, we're still stoked after watching this video three times.

The iPhone has done wonders in transforming our idea of what a phone should comprise of — it should be a good camera, video recorder, notepad, address book, Internet browser, gaming machine, etc. The Line Phone takes it one step further. When placed side by side with other Line Phones, a tablet can be formed. And thanks to its thin bezel, content is displayed almost perfectly without any image disruption.

It doesn't stop there. Aside from being able to transform into a tablet, the Line Phone can also be laid side by side vertically to create a display that is perfect for something like a video game system. In the video, several Line Phones are shown as a display with another one acting as a motion-control steering wheel. How cool is that?

This is the ultimate phone I hope to be carrying around in my pocket in 10 to 20 years. The Line Phone is what the iPhone and every other smartphone should be like in 10 years.

The Next Web, via MobileCrunch

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