Add toasted buns to your tailgating menu with this heated chair

Anyone who goes tailgating or ice fishing in the middle of winter knows that simply staying warm can be a real challenge. Now you can stay toasty warm without looking like a wimp, by sitting on this stealthy heated chair.

The Chaheati Chair, (rhymes with Tahiti — groan), has a built in heating element that can keep your posterior heated to 100 degrees F for up to six hours, or at its highest setting can really put a fire under your rear at 145 degrees for 1.8 hours. That should allow you to sit through an extended tailgating session in cozy comfort, while asking your buddies why they're shivering.

The Chaheati Chair is available now for about $90, extra rechargeable batteries are $35 each.

Chaheati Chair, via Geeky Gadgets

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