80 megapixel camera makes your cellphone cam look kind of fuzzy

If you thought those 5-megapixel pictures from your iPhone 4 looked pretty sharp, think again. A Danish company called Phase One has just put every other digital camera to shame with their 80-megapixel IQ180.

The IQ180 isn't actually a camera, but simply a camera back that you fit to your existing medium format camera body to give fellow photogs some serious megapixel envy. With so many pixels, the file sizes are freakin' huge, so the IQ180 includes a USB 3 port and FireWire 800 to transfer those giant files lickety split.

One potential hiccup might be the IQ180's $43,990 asking price. Still, that's cheaper per megapixel than that Hasselblad jobbie we saw a while back.

The IQ180 will be available in April.

CNET, via The Luminous Landscape

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