19 inch AMOLED prototype display is entirely transparent

See this box? Inside it is a little clothing shop for dolls. See that woman's head? It's not a projection, it's being displayed on the world's largest transparent AMOLED screen.

Samsung's 'production prototype' 19" AMOLED display is designed for eventual use in PC monitors and TVs. Whether it's turned off or turned on, it's about 30% transparent, but that doesn't stop it from displaying seamlessly sharp video in vivid color. It has a resolution of 960 x 540, with a brightness of 200 cd/m2, and although the picture makes it look a bit weird, it's gorgeous in person.

AMOLEDs (that would be, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) really seem like they're destined to be the display tech of the near future. They're amazing with colors, have great contrast, respond quickly, don't suffer from any viewing angle issues, and are super power efficient. Samsung, at least, seems to be investing pretty heavily on their development, and prototypes like this are paving the way for things like displaying Internet overlays on TV screens, or even TV itself integrated into home and car windows.

Via Samsung SMD

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