10 ultra-thin gadgets you could slice bread with from CES

CES 2011 might have been all about the tablets and 3D's strong push into consumer electronics, but what really made our jaws drop were the amount of gadgets that were just razor-thin. These days, measuring in at an inch or two is considered wispy.

That won't be true sometime very soon. Everything will be mere millimeters thick.

We saw the future of electronics and now you can too.

(Click on any image below to see it larger.)


1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

The Xperia Arc is a mere 8.7mm at its thinnest point. Featuring a gigantic 4.2-inch (854 x 480 resolution) multitouch screen, an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash powered by an Exmor R mobile sensor for super low light photos, the Arc is anything but lacking in tech specs. The Arc is the merging of beauty and brains. Big hands off to Sony Ericsson for doing its homework.


2. LG Optimus Black

LG's Optimus Black was supposed to be the world's thinnest smartphone, that is until the Xperia Arc dethroned it nary a day later. The Optimus Black is 9.2mm at its thickest point and 6mm at its tapered corners. Packed with a super bright 4-inch NOVA display, the Optimus Back is a beautiful slab of portable screen-gasm.


3. Samsung ZX310 9 Series Notebook

Samsung's ZX310 isn't only thin at 16.3mm, but its Duralumin body is also twice as strong as aluminum. Not only is the ZX310 thinner than Apple's MacBook Air, it's also super beefy spec-wise. This super thin notebook runs Windows 7, has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 256GB SSD, can handle up to 8GB of RAM boots up in 12 seconds. How's that for blazing fast and insanely thin?


4. LG E2289V LED-Backlit Monitor

Pictures really can't do the 21.5-inch E2289V full HD 1080p monitor any justice. This is the world's thinnest monitor available. Yes, most of the monitor's innards are stuffed into its blocky base, but who cares when its LED-backlit screen is so bright and gorgeous.


5. Samsung D7000 and D8000

My hatred for bezels is unparalleled. Samsung's finally heard my cry, releasing the D7000 and D8000 HDTV. The D7000 and D8000 has a bezel that's so thin it's almost a crime. At just 5mm thin, media on the 40 to 60-inch LED-lit panels almost "floats" in mid-air. Colors looked so sharp, our eyeballs almost bled from staring at awe.


6. LG Xnote P210

We already knew the Xnote P210 had the "world's thinnest notebook bezel," but seeing it in person only made us realize how much space a notebook wastes with that worthless border. That one-inch thick border around the MacBook Air looks terribly ugly compared to LG's.


7. Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player

Touted as the "world's thinnest 3D Blu-ray player," Samsung's 23mm thin 3D Blu-ray player makes even the PlayStation 3 slim look like a bloated cow. As an Internet-connected player, the 3D Blu-ray player does double duty, connecting your favorite web services such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and converts regular Blu-ray discs video into 3D in real-time.


8. MoGo Mouse TM100

MoGo's no stranger to thin mice. The TM100 is the next logical step for the 5mm thin mouse. Unlike the old model, the Bluetooth MoGo Mouse is now fully compatible with most Windows 7 and Android-based tablets. If you think this mouse is too flat, think again. A latch that flips down on its rear elevates the thin mouse, providing a comfier mousing experience.


9. Planon Slimscan

Measuring at only 2.28mm, the SlimScan is about the same thickness as three credit cards stacked on top of one another. Images can be scanned at high-resolutions of up to 300 dots per inch (DPI) — perfect for business cards, receipts and notes. The best part is that the SlimScan is so slim it can fit in your wallet.


10. MoGo Talk XD2 for iPhone 4

MoGo is two for two in this thin-gadgets round-up. The Talk XD for iPhone 4 is the "world's thinnest Bluetooth," and who would disagree with its wafer-thin 5mm body. An included iPhone case can stow away and charge the ear dongle when it's not in use. Now that is conserving space!

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