Your iPhone 4 made of glass? Nice, mine is made from a T-Rex's tooth

Stuart Hughes is back at it again, tricking out iPhones in ridiculously outrageous jewels. His iPhone 4 "HISTORY Edition" is a customization unlike any other we've ever seen.

In his last iPhone 4 design, Hughes went with 500 diamonds around the phone's steel band. This time, he's outdone himself, not by using more diamonds. Nope, he wanted to use something a little more prehistoric — a T-Rex's tooth.

Perhaps Hughes knows something Apple doesn't. The back of the HISTORY Edition iPhone 4 isn't cut from glass — it's made from the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and meteoric stone that's dated back some 65 million years ago. Solving "glassgate" with a dinosaur tooth and meteor rock seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? Hey Steve Jobs, you getting this all down?

Hughes is only going to make 10 of these hideous iPhones, with each going for about $62,700. The reason for such a design? Hughes wanted to make something "fierce."

If you love dinosaurs and space rocks, you really can't go wrong with this custom iPhone.

Stuart Hughes, via Slashgear

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