Google is working on a social network called 'Google +1'

Another social network you say? That's the plan, if Google's social network, dubbed "Google +1" (Plus One) ever comes to fruition. Apparently, Google +1 is so significant that even Sergey Brin, one of the founders of the company, is already knee deep in the project.

The two most popular social networks are undoubtedly Facebook and Twitter. Is there room for a third? According to a tip that Techcrunch received, the name Google +1 is supposed to be similar to Facebook's "Like" and Twitter's "Retweet" buttons. Wait, if that bares any truth, then what will happen to Google's Buzz button?

Sadly, no one but the people within Google really know what's real about the project. Techcrunch also reports that Google +1 is "a toolbar that appears across many of Google's services." I sincerely hope this isn't true. Nuh uh, I've got enough toolbars, I don't need another one.

In the past, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has called his company's social network projects "social layers," words that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg lambasted. Zuckerberg then shot back by saying that "social is not a layer you add." It most certainly isn't. It's a full-time job to maintain — at least for me.

It remains to be seen whether Google has what it takes to make a social network to compete with Facebook and Twitter. I for one would probably take a quick look and walk away swiftly through the back door. While I love Google products like Gmail, Reader, Chrome, Calendars, etc., I hated Wave and Buzz, both of which were supposed to be expand the web in unimaginable ways — but didn't.

Via Techcrunch

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