Crazy concept car runs on air power from giant turbine balloons

Volvo's Air Motion Canyon Carver concept seats four, weighs 902 pounds, and runs on nothing but compressed air that gets harvested from huge wind turbine generators mounted on balloons flying like kites a thousand feet up. Just like we said up top: crazy.

Volvo wanted to design a car that was minimalist in both construction and environmental impact, which is why its Air Motion concept runs on compressed air. A tank in the back stores the air, which gets piped out through little turbines in the wheels to power the car. If you need more fuel, just pull into an Air Replenishment Station, which uses electricity generated from spinning turbine balloons that are attached to the station like kites to compress air without burning any fossil fuels.

This is definitely not the sexiest concept car we've ever run across, but it's a Volvo, and designing anything that doesn't look like a brick is a major step for the company. On the upside, the questionable styling means you might not feel quite as bad when your rear-facing friends get carsick and boot all over the back seats.

We've got more pics and a video for you below.

Via LA Auto Show

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