Three-wheeled motorbike is crammed with airbags and padding

Why does every futuristic vehicle seem to have three wheels? Why cut out the fourth wheel? Daniel Munnink's NEOS concept vehicle is part motorbike and part modular side car — and it packs a ton of safety padding.

Despite its minuscule size, the NEOS crams a lot of tech into its carbon fiber body: GPS, touchscreen display, side view cameras, docks to connect your cellphone and much more. It can fit two people at once and runs on electricity.

Let's talk safety. The NEOS has a side airbag for the driver, an airbag for the person sitting in the sidecar and padding for the knees and elbow. How much protection would the airbags provide given the size of the NEOS?

We are loving the spoke-less front tires — a look that is now synonymous with Tron: Legacy. Can you picture these little vehicles blazing across the highways of tomorrow? Not in America, maybe in like Japan or some place where the people are naturally smaller in general.

Munnink's NEOS is only a concept. Maybe Toyota or Honda could come up with a working prototype. It certainly seems like a perfect fit in both company's realm of bubble-shaped concepts.

Daniel Munnink, via Yanko Design

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