The Dreamcast lives, gets a second life on Android

Ladies and gentlemen, the smartphone has officially peaked. How do we know? We know because Sega Dreamcast games can be emulated on an Android phone.

Unlike other portable Dreamcast solutions, in this case, a dedicated fan has managed to emulate some of the box's best games on an Android smartphone. Just by looking at the video, you'll see that the frame rate isn't as smooth as butter, but hey, for a work in progress, it's pretty freakin' awesome.

The Sega Dreamcast ushered in the era of online console gaming with its slow 56k modem back in 1999. Since it's discontinuation in 2001, the console has gained something of a cult following. Every once in a while, a rumor arises that suggests Sega is re-entering the hardware business with a Dreamcast 2, but alas it's all just pure speculation. If Sega ever did want to revive its classic Dreamcast, going through Android wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Check out the video of Crazy Taxi and Dead or Alive 2 running on Android below.

DRK, via IntoMobile

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