Sprinting robot may soon be out running us all

Most robots move in a way that would be best described as...er...robotic. To improve on this, Japanese researcher Ryuma Riiyama has built a robot he calls Athlete to be much more human-like in its movements.

Athlete uses several sets of pneumatic actuators, that operate the same way a human's various muscles work when we're running. To make things a bit simpler, Athlete uses those running blades like Oscar Pistorius, instead of regular human style feet. So far, Athlete can manage about 4 to 5 steps before he loses balance and topples over, but progress continues as you can see in the video.

Perhaps one day we can have races between robots like Athlete, although instead of getting tired like a human runner, battery life will become the limiting endurance factor.

IEEE Spectrum, via Gizmodo

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