Special AA batts enable wireless charging in just about anything

The reason you're probably not using a wireless charger right now is that most of your gadgets don't work with them. ElectroHub is a wireless charger that can work with absolutely anything, as long as it takes ordinary batteries.

Wireless charging is one of those things that sounds really, really cool until you learn how it works: namely, that you'll need to besmirch your gadgets with expensive, bulky, and ugly adapter pads and cases to make them compatible with the charging technology. ElectroHub's charging pad works the same way, except they've managed to stuff all the important adapter bits into rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

This probably isn't going to do much for your cell phone or your iPad (ElectroHub has external cases for them if you want to make it happen anyway), but for anything that runs on normal batteries, ElectroHub makes wireless charging easy and seamless. You just have to switch your batteries out for theirs, and poof, it works. There are lots of other advantages to doing it this way, like the ability to switch the special batteries around instead of having to buy a new gadget-specific case if you upgrade your electronics.

The other nice thing about the ElectroHub is that it costs $40, which is dirt cheap compared to other wireless charging pads. That includes one set of their special batteries, and additional sets are $10 each. I've still got questions about the lifetime and capacity of the batteries themselves, and whether they have to be specially oriented to charge properly, but with a commercial launch planned for early 2011, all those details should be forthcoming in the next month or two.

Via Crave

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