See your friends naked with a homemade TSA style scanner

Have you ever wondered what you might look like in one of those TSA airport scanner images? A hacker called Jeri Ellsworth was curious, so she built her own version of a TSA scanner by modifying a satellite dish antenna horn.

By reversing the operation of some key components, the modified LNB three horn array can penetrate a layer of sheetrock to show what's underneath. That it works at all is pretty cool, even if the resolution is pretty poor because the wavelength is quite a bit longer than with the Fed's $150,000 version..

This would be great fun at parties, where you could play a game called what body part are you seeing? Or you could use it to test out that scan proof underwear.

Check out the video where Ellsworth describes how it works.

Hack A Day, via CrunchGear

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