RFID player attempts to revive the mixtape

The mixtape — what was once considered a beautiful and intimate way of sharing music with others is long dead. It's been dead since the iPod killed cassette tapes. And no, iTunes playlists don't count as replacements. The design gurus over at I Miss My Pencil built a device to bring back some of the tangibility that music once had.

The C60 Redux is an interesting piece of gadgetry — its surface looks like a square record, but rest assured, the C60 Redux's vinyl likeness is only skin deep. The music player starts pumping out the beats when tape-shaped pieces of paper or cardboard embedded with RFID chips are placed on top of its surface. Several "song cards" can be strung together and "mixed" to create new music.

Count me in. I've never owned a record player, but this would make for a slick addition to my living room. I just love the faux-vinyl look. The C60 Redux gives off a vintage feel, but its innards are entirely set up for the 21st century.

I Miss My Pencil, via Core77

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