Restored Marcos Mantis XP shows off its plexiglass doors

From what we've heard, the Marcos Mantis XP is considered one of the ugliest sportcars ever made. Frankly, we don't see it like that. We admire the Mantis XP not for its putrid color (we admit, the color is horrendous), but for its unique plexiglass door design.

Designed by Dennis Adams, the Mantis XP was built in 1968 and has a Speed Racer-esque exterior. With an exposed body, the sports car reveals all of its BRM-Repco V8 engine without making it look sloppy. It's a true engineering marvel to stare at.

Too bad there is only one of these bad boys in existence and it's sitting in some private collector's garage in California.

It's a shame that the Mantis failed to complete the 1968 Le Mans and has never hit the race track competitively since. We'd like to see it's plexiglass door design brought back in the cars of tomorrow because we've still got those Jetsons car posters taped on our walls.

Blenheimgang, via Jalopnik

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