Quantum dot LEDs will make even AMOLED displays obsolete

Most of us aren't lucky enough to have a Super AMOLED display in our computer, much less our cell phone. But before you start smugly flaunting your Galaxy Tab, you should know that the next generation of LED display technology is already here, and it's quantum.

QLEDs, or quantum dot LEDs, take everything you know and love about LED displays and make it faster, better, cheaper, brighter, more flexible, more reliable, and just generally more quantumy. With a QLED display, you'll get a full spectrum of pure colors that's more than twice as power efficient as an OLED display, meaning brighter colors on brighter screens while sucking down less battery.

QLED displays are also inherently flexible. Unlike most LED and LCD displays, QLEDs don't need to be fabricated on glass or crystal substrates. At only a few hundred nanometers thick, a QLED display can be printed directly onto plastic or metal foil, meaning that just about anything can be turned into a display. And since QLEDs are printable and don't require glass, optics, filters, or a backlight, they should (eventually) be cheap to make.

That said, it probably wouldn't be healthy for you to hold your breath for QLED displays just yet. LG, who knows a thing or two about displays, has partnered with a company called QD Vision to work on getting QLEDs from development to commercial product, but it's likely to be a little while before you'll be enjoying any of that quantum goodness for yourself.

QD Vision, via Akihabara News

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