Proof: exploding Xbox 360s look beautiful in slow-mo

The image you see here is what happens when a group of determined folks blow up a bunch of Xbox 360 consoles and controllers in the quest to capture the perfect image of all the action. There's also a video — a beautiful, slow motion video.

From Dan Saelinger:

I was recently brought on by Armin Harris for a job with Fortune Magazine. The story was about console gaming's demise. We came up with a concept to incorporate still and video footage of exploding consoles and controllers, particularly Xbox 360′s, for the story. The shoot took place at a pyrotechnics studio in Brooklyn called J and M Special Effects. The location was great because they have a permanent NYC explosives permit as well as a pyrotechnician on staff. Below is a behind the scenes video of the initial set up.

The controller looks just as cool as the console blowing up. Check it out right below. The video of the 360 getting the business directly after.


Dan Saelinger, via Kotaku

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