'Poop' branded knock-off cellphone is adequately named

What on earth were the rip-off artists in Asia thinking when they decided to name this knock-off phone "POOP"? If they were going for a literal translation, they hit the mark dead-on. This cellphone looks like crap.

The POOP cellphone looks like a blend of a Motorola RAZR and a BlackBerry. My friends, it doesn't get uglier than this abomination. As if the "POOP" logo isn't enough, the makers decided to toss in a "Love" logo below the keyboard. How sweet — because the words poop and love just go hand-in-hand. Uh, NO.

According to Crunchgear, the makers of the knock-off re-arranged the letters for OPPO and arrived at POOP. Ingenious.

Is this the worst phone design you've ever seen? Seen worse? Try us.

Crunchgrear, via SlipperyBrick

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