Pocket-sized text scanner helps slow learners to read and write

Adult illiteracy remains a major problem, so rather than just reading the words back at you, this electronic reader helps the user learn by letting them read along at the same time.

Created by Sandra Brügmann, the AbcDarian concept has a window through which you can follow along reading the original text, while listening to the electronic voice through earphones. You can also adjust the speed of the playback, so slow readers can progress at their own natural pace. Flip the AbcDarian over, and it can help you learn to write by scanning your writing for spelling errors, and suggesting alternatives.

This is all very slick, but I wonder how much such a device might cost if built. Illiteracy often goes hand in hand with extreme poverty, and I wonder whether those who could use this tool would be able to afford it.

Via Yanko Design

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