Patented Santa Clause Detector is diguised as a stocking

Baby powder on the floor, a whoopee cushion in the fire place, knock-out drugs in the cookies — tricky ol' Saint Nick has seen it all. None of it comes close to showing that the most elusive delivery man ever has made his rounds. Well, this year, something just might: the Santa Claus Detector by Thomas Cane. It's even been awarded a patent!

Described in its patent as a "children's Christmas Stocking device useful for visually signalling the arrival of Santa Claus," Cane's clever setup involves two stockings with a built-in hook at the toe and a festive ribbon draped between them. If anything disturbs said ribbon, lights embedded in the stockings will start flashing like mad, which will surely wake any barely slumbering children scattered around the area.

Cane was awarded a patent for his design in 1996. No word on whether or not it's ever been tested. Maybe this year's the year to give it a go? With today's LEDs and discrete power sources, making something like this as a weekend DIY project would be a snap.

You can read the entirety of the patent for yourself right here

Futility Closet, via Laughing Squid