Party like it's 1999 with a new reissued Nokia 3210 dumbphone

Feeling a little winded from all the app madness that comes with owning a smartphone? Fret no more and go back to basics with a reissue of the renowned Nokia 3210 cellphone.

French company, Lekki is reissuing the Nokia 3210 with new packaging. You won't be able to update your Twitter, "like" things on Facebook, search on Google or watch smut on the 3210, but hell, this thing can probably make a phone call that lasts longer than your iPhone.

Who needs Angry Birds when the classic game Snake and a calculator to spell "80085" still does the trick every time?

Lekki is selling the 3210 for about $98. Available in black, green, yellow and a "MakeYourOwn" color. We're not sure what the last one covers — Lekki's website didn't include any choices for customization such as color or uploading a custom picture — we only know that it costs about $13 more.

Lekki, via Switched On Set

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