Organize your desk by cluttering your monitor with this attachment

There are very few ways to ruin a good looking monitor, unless you bought an ugly monitor right off the bat. In that case, it's your own fault. To uglify your screen's flat panel and organize your stationary, this hub station has you covered.

Essentially an unattractive frame attachment for your monitor, the generically named, LCD Monitor Hub Station is touted as "the perfect solution to keep your desktop clean." It features three storage pockets for pens and paper, a "document holder" and a four-port USB hub. If you have a computer monitor in the range of 17-22-inches, then you're in luck; anything larger and this contraption won't fit.

Purveyors of all weird Japanese gadgets, GeekStuff4U, is selling the monitor attachment for about $61.

Just one thing, where is the coffee cup holder?

Via GeekStuff4U

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