Official Skype video chat over 3G is now live on iOS devices

Recall that a help support document that made its way out early already foretold of Skype bringing video chat to its iOS app. The app is now live.

The Skype 3.0 app now supports video chat over Wi-Fi and 3G. Video chatting over 3G is the fun part we care about. Apple's FaceTime was useless because it was limited to Wi-Fi. With video chat over 3G, Skype is liberating it from limited access. We just hope you have more than the 2GB data plan, because transferring all those video packets will likely eat into your monthly plan.

Skype's video chat will work between any iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and any computer with a webcam. Are you ready for some real mobile to desktop video conferencing action?

iTunes - Skype, via BGR

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